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Rescued French Bulldog wearing donut pajamas

Adeline (a.k.a. Beanie + Spicy Bean)

Adeline is the poster dog for the cruel world of breeding.  When Adeline underwent spay surgery, Dr. Nelson of Skyland Animal Hospital found an internal mess.  She was pregnant with two deceased babies.  Adeline still had sutures from her last C section, so she was bred again before she even healed.  She had huge amounts of scar tissue from so many C sections, along with a large cyst on her cervix.  Adeline’s cervix was adhered to her bladder.  Her uterus was adhered to her stomach.  Adeline also needed vulvoplasty (lady parts) surgery and treatment for a nasty intestinal infection.  Both are common medical needs of commercial breeding dogs.  Adeline's forever home is now at the Rags To Royals Palace.

Breeding + Puppy Mill Awareness

Puppy Mills are more concerned with making a profit than the well-being and love of dogs.  There is a misconception that mills house hundreds of dogs, but they can house just a small group.  The moms are merely machines who are forced to be pregnant over and over again with barely any recovery time in between pregnancies.  They are removed from their cages only for breeding and birthing.  They may never feel grass or freedom.  Some females are even killed when their abused bodies can longer reproduce.  Bulldogs cannot give birth naturally and require Caesarean sections, so Bulldog moms are cut open again and again.  Many C sections are performed without proper medical treatment or painkillers.  The moms live a life of suffering, pain and hell for years.   Some dogs live in nauseatingly unsanitary conditions.  Most of these dogs will be sick and malnourished.  They lack adequate socialization, human contact, medical care, food, and water.  The breeding dogs and puppies can have giardia, parvo, heartworms, distemper, respiratory infections, and more.  The puppies will often be purchased with parasites, diseases and congenital problems.  They are ripped away from their mothers and siblings too young and suffer from behavioral issues.

Rescued French Bulldog | Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt, don't shop!

What can you do?  Adopt from a shelter or rescue group!  You can find every breed and age, if you search shelters and rescues.  They even have puppies!  Over a MILLION homeless and neglected dogs are euthanized each year.  Surely, we can all find a canine companion out of millions of homeless dogs.

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