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French Bread | Rescued French Bulldog in a bread basket

Magical Frenchicorn Licorne

Licorne is 16 pounds of magic rescued from the commercial breeding life.  Her rear legs were limp noodles and deformed.  Now, Licorne flies and is powered by unicorn farts!  Being a Frenchicorn with emotional and physical issues, Licorne is on a mission to show the beauty and uniqueness of rescue and special needs dogs and unicorns.

Magical Frenchicorn Licorne | Rescued French Bulldog dressed as a unicorn and riding a unicorn

Breeding + Puppy Mill Awareness

Licorne was so insecure that she seemed catatonic.  She needed immediate surgery on both rear legs or her pain and suffering would worsen.  Licorne had grade 4 out of 4 (the worst) luxating patellas.  Her muscles wasted away from disuse living in the "dungeon." Licorne's patella case was so severe that her legs would not strengthen or repair on their own as she aged.  Besides bum legs, Licorne battled a nasty bacteria infection common to the puppy mill life.  For the first time, Licorne is loved and pain-free.  Her forever home is now at the Rags To Royals Palace.

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French Bulldog riding a pegasus
French Bulldog Spa Day | Cream French Bulldog wearing a unicorn robe
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