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Therapy Dog Ogden

Warrior + Therapy Dog Ogden

We are heartbroken to share that Ogden passed away from neurological issues.  San Antonio Bulldog Rescue saved the day when Wildlife Rescue found a sweet boy in terrible shape.  Ogden was missing the flesh from his left rear paw.  His bones were bloodied, exposed and broken.  A despicable person cut off the blood flow to Ogden's limb.  Being a survivor, Ogden was forced to chew off his own paw to save his life.  With the help of Piper's devoted fans, SABR was able to afford limb amputation surgery and remove Ogden's destroyed paw. Rescue Coordinator Mother Teresa got to know the biggest love bug.


Ogden greeted people with kisses and body wiggles.  He let everyone know how thankful he was for being saved.​  Ogden's Injury + Before Photos

Bulldog With A Prosthetic Limb
Adorable Amputee Bulldog

Ogden had a partial limb that forced him to contort his body.  He constantly bumped the limb.  To improve Ogden's quality of life, we worked with K-9 Orthotics and Prosthetics and two amazing Upstate Veterinary Specialists to create Ogden’s prosthetic limb and give him a royal life.

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