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Inspire & Make A Difference

Rags To Royals® is a one-woman rescue organization with only a couple of foster families in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  We have limited space and funding.  We are unable to welcome surrenders at this time.  We do not have any available dogs.


With the help of amazing supporters, Rags To Royals® was established to honor Piper The Painting Bulldog and continue her inspiring charity work.  Our program rescues, heals and finds loving, royal palaces for ragged, sick and abused French Bulldogs  and English Bulldogs.  We are located in the Asheville, NC area and focus on Bulldogs with physical and emotional disabilities.  Our small, volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit is dependent on kindhearted donations.  In addition to rescuing dogs, we inspire and lift heavy hearts through awareness, education and therapy dog visits.

Rags To Royals Rescued French Bulldog
Rags To Royals Piper The Painting Bulldog

Queen Piper of Stone Palace

In 2011, a man had no luck selling 8-year-old Piper on eBay, so he surrendered her to "Mother Teresa" of San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.  Piper’s skin was covered in sores and an infection.  She was missing an eye from a gruesome injury.  Piper walked with a limp and was in severe pain from untreated, horrible hip dysplasia and arthritis.  She showed signs of abuse and seemed like she never knew love and affection.  Needless to say, Piper was grumpy from her pain and past.  Despite Piper's grumpiness, she quickly stole Teresa's heart and began stealing thousands more!

Love At First Sight

Founder Jessica Stone fell in love with Piper at first sight!  Jessica and her husband are incredibly thankful that they were able to adopt and love Piper during her last years.  Because of Piper’s limp and terrible hip dysplasia, she could barely walk a block.  The only thing Piper ran (waddled) for was food, until she discovered painting! While keeping Jessica company in her studio, Piper became fascinated with painting.  Soon, Piper would reveal her natural talents and enjoy her own painting sessions.  Piper blossomed into an internationally collected artist and a voice for rescue and special needs dogs.  During Piper’s painting career, she battled Lymphoma and heart disease.  Being such a strong and extraordinary girl, Piper never let any of her health issues prevent her from making a difference.  She reminds us that we all have the ability to inspire, create and be good at something when given love and encouragement.  Rooms would light up as magical Piper waddled in.  Hearts melted with every head tilt, high five and smile Piper gave.  Piper continues to lift even the heaviest of hearts and help other rescue dogs through her artwork and portraits.  There will never be a star as bright as Piper, but her siblings carry on her message that rescue dogs and beings with disabilities are remarkable and beautiful!

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