Adopt A Royal Bulldog


OUR ADOPTABLE BULLDOGS HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS, since many Bulldogs come to us sick, injured and neglected.  These survivors will have health and behavioral problems.  Most of them are ADULTS and SENIORS.  They are NOT "perfect" Bulldogs.  If you are on our site for a bargain Bulldog, you have come to the wrong place.  You must want to rehabilitate a dog desperately in need of love and a safe environment to adopt a Rags To Royals Bulldog.  Rescued Bulldogs require more care and patience than you can imagine. They are not for everyone.  Most of the dogs we rescue lack training and can take a long time to potty train.  Adoption Fees Range From $300 to $800.


It can be very expensive to save neglected and abused French and English Bulldogs.  Our adoption fees cover only a small portion of spay/neuter and other surgeries, vaccines, preventatives, and tests.


You MUST have French/English Bulldog experience OR rescue rehabilitation experience when adopting one of our survivors because of the required care.


If the Bulldog will be home alone for 8+ hours a day 5 days per week, please do NOT apply for a young Bulldog or one in need of potty training.  A puppy will ONLY be adopted to a household where a person can train and care for the Bulldog at least part of the day.  Please be honest about your situation because everything will be verified.


Submitting an application for consideration is the FIRST step in the process.  Download a PDF below or request an application by email.  We appreciate your patience during the adoption process.  We will contact you if we have a noble nugget for you.


Adopters must be willing to travel to where their Bulldog is fostered.  We will NOT ship dogs or allow travel through transporters.


You MUST be in good standing with a vet and have a history of staying current with vaccines and exams to even be considered as a foster or parent.  And, all of your dogs and cats MUST be spayed or neutered.  If you do not meet these requirements, your application will be declined.

Almost all of the Royal Bulldogs are adopted through private networking, so we rarely ever post available Bulldogs on our site or social media pages.  It is best to submit an application to be considered for pre-approval.  Please keep in mind that we are a very small rescue and the adoption process can take months.  We focus on special needs, adult and senior Bulldogs.  If we have an adoptable puppy, he or she will have special needs too.


If you are unable to provide a Bulldog with indoor shelter or adequate food and medical care, please consider surrendering

Heart & Hands

Open your heart and royal palace to a Bulldog in need.  Please read all of the information above before applying. 


Seeking rescue experienced fosters in the Asheville, NC area

Adopt, Don't Shop!

Adopt from a shelter or rescue group!  You can find every breed and age, if you search shelters and rescues.  They even have puppies! Over a MILLION homeless and neglected dogs are euthanized each year.  Surely, we can all find a canine companion out of millions of homeless dogs.

Already Adopted Royals