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Piper The Painting Bulldog

Piper (a.k.a. Monkey + Marshmallow)

12-year-old Piper lost her battle to cancer and heart disease, but continues to make a difference through her products and big personality. She took 8 years of being mistreated and unwanted and blossomed into an internationally collected artist who warms hearts and puts smiles on faces. You may never meet another dog with as many faces as Piper the adorably grumpy diva.  Because of Piper's charity work, MSN named her one of the 15 most influential dogs of 2012.  Piper is an example of how extraordinary rescue dogs and special needs beings are!  Piper's Ragged Before Photos

English Bulldog kissing a Ken Barbie Doll

The Painting Magic

The magic of Piper's artwork lies within the fact that she was a dog with several disabilities who discovered a way to freely express herself as a self-taught (never trained) artist.  Many species can be trained to paint brushstrokes, but that does not mean they will have a talent or passion for art.  Dogs can be trained to do incredible things, including saving lives.  Piper’s limp, heart conditions, and terrible hip dysplasia and arthritis prevented her from physically saving lives.  Piper could not pull anyone from a burning building, but she saved lives through her strength and gift.  Painting gave her an outlet to let loose and feel alive.

Abstract painting by English Bulldog Piper Stone
A special needs English Bulldog who paints artwork

Piper was a "handicapable" English Bulldog who could barely walk a block.  The only thing she ran (waddled) for was food.  After six weeks of Piper excitedly waddling into the studio every time I painted, I realized something fantastic was happening in her mind and wondered if she had a desire to paint.  All I had to do was shake up a can of paint, rustle paper or clang palette knives and she appeared.  One day, I put a paintbrush in Piper's mouth and held out a piece of paper.  Her first attempt was a success!  Piper didn't run away with the brush or splatter paint everywhere.  She stayed in one place and worked her magic.  Piper's technique was basic and seemed instinctual.  She truly enjoyed painting and it was a great way for us to bond.  My life will never be the same without her.  Piper was the most courageous and beautiful girl I have ever known!  - Jessica (Piper's Sidekick)

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