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Handsome Rescued English Bulldog

Beefcake + Snooperhero Miyagi

Miyagi was a registered therapy dog and marathon sleeper highly skilled in the art of flinging slobber and making Fart Clouds®.  They were his best weapons.  Miyagi lost his eardrums due to years of neglect and untreated infections. Because of pain and a poor quality of life, Miyagi had surgery to remove both of his ear canals.  He was hearing-impaired, but nothing prevented him from being a snooperhero!

May of 2017, we discovered Miyagi was battling cancer and heart disease.  We are heartbroken to share that Miyagi lost his battle June of 2018.  Thank you to all of Miyagi's friends and fans who helped him fight.

Rescued English Bulldog With Captain America Action Figure

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